5 shopping streets you have to visit if you are in Naples

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Naples is probably best known for its art, culture, history and food, however one of the perks locals love most about their city is the possibility to find the perfect shopping place for any budget and every occasion. In fact, there are several strategic streets packed with shopping venues, with some of them also offering the chance to combine your shopping spree with a beautiful stroll in the heart of the city.

1. Via dei Mille

In the middle of the Chiaia District Via dei Mille, along with the countless streets and alleys connecting it to Piazza Amedeo, Piazza Vittoria and Piazza San Pasquale (such as Via Calabritto, Via Carlo Poerio, Via Cavallerizza), offers the highest concentration of high-end stores and boutiques in the city, and you will find all the most famous Neapolitan (first of all Marinella), Italian and international fashion brands, including Armani, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Michael Kors, Hermes and Hugo Boss, just to name a few. There are also some more affordable, yet high-quality, stores here and there, but mostly you will find ice-cream places, and we strongly suggest you recover from your pricy shopping with a delicious gelato from Mennella or Casa Infante, or unleash your creativity and create your own gelato at the Magnum Pleasure Store. And if you ever get tired from all that shopping and walking, you can take some time to relax on the Lungomare or to enjoy one of the artistic attractions in the neighborhood, such as the PAN Museum and Palazzo Mannajuolo on Via dei Mille or the Bourbon Tunnel  in Via Morelli.

2. Via Chiaia

A fascinating hybrid between the luxury of Via dei Mille and the trendy but affordable Via Toledo, Via Chiaia makes for a short and enjoyable walk in a pedestrian-only, highly-populated, culturally and historically rich street with a wide variety of stores – ranging from clothings and shoes to video-games to beauty products to delicatessen and patisserie.

3. Via Toledo

Via Toledo (also known as Via Roma) can rightfully be considered as the backbone street of the city, connecting Piazza Plebiscito and the Chiaia District to the historical center and Quartieri Spagnoli, as well as hosting the ‘most beautiful metro station in Europe’ (Toledo) and one of the city’s four funiculars (Piazza Augusteo). It definitely makes for a pleasant (partially pedestrian-only) stroll that sees, similarly to Via dei Mille, shopping venues mostly alternating to ice-cream vendors.

The big difference with Chiaia’s shopping hotspot, however, is the target budget: Via Toledo is mainly home to local outlets, bargain bins and fast-fashion chain stores (such as Zara, H&M, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Zuiki), and – paying some attention to product quality – you can find unbelievable deals on clothes, shoes (so many shoe stores!), home products, books, high-tech products and much more. 

In between your shopping, you’ll be able to truly experience Neapolitan culture, as the street is constantly populated by locals of all ages and from all backgrounds, as well as by street artists animating the sidewalks with their music and drawing. And if you get ‘beyond-gelato’ hungry during your stroll, the countless food kiosks offering pizza fritta and other Neapolitan specialities will take you to food heaven, although it might be worth it to venture inside the Quartieri Spagnoli, where a few hidden places (such as Spiedo d’Oro and Nennella) will give you a taste of the most traditional and delicious Neapolitan cuisine for ridiculously cheap prices.

4. Via Scarlatti

In the Vomero Hilly Via Scarlatti and the adjacent Via Luca Giordano, both pedestrian-only, are packed with medium- and high-budget shopping venues, including high-end boutiques and fast-fashion stores, as well as some local haute-couture shops. To the omnipresent ice cream places (and some food kiosks), these two streets accompany a wide variety of coffee places, which, when the weather allows it, offer outside tables allowing you to enjoy the sun and relax for a moment in the middle of your shopping spree.

Besides adults’ and children’s clothes, Via Scarlatti is perfect is you’re looking for shoes (the city giant De Liberti, also present around Chiaia and Via Toledo, offers several famous brands and occasionally puts out very convenient discounts, so even if you’re not aiming for high-budget stores don’t forget to check it out), jewels, personal-care, beauty and make-up products, books (check out the kiosks on Via Luca Giordano, a true Vomero institution), stationery products (especially the small streets crossing Via Scarlatti), sports accessories and much more.

5. Corso Umberto I

The fairly long Corso Umberto I connects Naples’ central station (Piazza Garibaldi) to the historical center (Piazza Bovio), and is home to a huge number of low-budget shops, including outlets, variety stores, bargain bins and a few fast-fashion chain stores like Stradivarius. As for Via Toledo, with a keen eye on product quality and knock-offs (often practically perfect), you can find great deals on everything from home products and electronics to clothes and shoes to personal-care products to bags and jewels.

In an exciting twist with respect to other shopping hotspots, on Corso Umberto I ice cream places are mostly replaced by pizza places, with the most important one being L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (also featured in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’), located at the intersection between Corso Umberto I and Via Pietro Colletta; don’t think, however, that you’ll be able to eat there on the fly, as the queue is typically so long you’ll be waiting there for at least 1 hour before finally enjoying your delicious pizza.

At the end of the day, no matter what your budget is, Naples has the right shopping street for you, and whatever your choice, there will always be breathtaking artistic and cultural attractions, and delicious snacks and specialties, to accompany and fuel your shopping spree!

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