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Exhibitions you can’t miss in February

incontriamo - dobedoo

Qui dove ci incontriamo (Here is where we meet)

02/12/18 – 10/03/19. Here, where we meet is an artistic project. A process of exchange and sharing, with 3 exhibitions, conceived by Tiziana Di Caro, Norma Mangione, Federica Schiavo and Chiara Zoppelli. A journey through different cities becomes an opportunity to talk about meetings, imagination and memory. This project born from meetings and leads to art, people and ideas from one city to another.

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Bruno Munari, i colori della luce (The colours of the light)

30/11/18 – 20/03/19. Bruno Munari was a designer, writer and one of the main protagonists of kinetic art. He undertook the aesthetic challenges of the Italian twentieth century, exploring the relationship between disciplines and the interchange between the concept of work and the concept of product, between form and function. The exhibition analyses the light projections and the polarized light projections realized in the fifties of the last century, with which, he completes his research aimed at conquering a new space, beyond the two-dimensional work reality. The artist, painting with light, dematerialize art, through the use of slide projections entitled Direct Projections: compositions with organic materials, transparent and coloured plastic films, and paintings.

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From There We Came Out and Saw the Stars

02/12/18 – 10/03/19. Hera Büyüktaşçıyan will realize a “site-specific” intervention for the archaeological site of the Augusteo del Serino Aqueduct, making the viewer feel totally immersed in in the water. The artist is focused on the relationship between the visible and the invisible, creating connections between the identity and the memory. She defines herself as a storyteller for her style that combines local legends, historical events and iconographic elements of different cultures, with the aim of bringing to light stories removed from the official narration and linking them in the spaces in which she intervenes. The work of Büyüktaşçıyan lets the spectator emerge feelings coming from stories of the ancient city of Naples, which merge with the stratifications of the aqueduct.

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l'anno che verrà - dobedoo

L’anno che verrà (The coming year)

15/12/18 – 15/02/19. What do people see in the new year? There are many topics covered by the participating artists: immigration, pollution, time, the human body. And the topics are represented in different ways: drawings, sculptures, digital photography, watercolours. In order to raise funds for the association activities, the public has the opportunity to receive works, starting from an offer of 5€.

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Il Futurismo (Futurism)

19/10/18 – 17/02/19. Works by Boccioni, Balla, Carrà, Severini. Sixty-four masterpieces take us to the first and most important vanguard European Futurism of the early 1900s.

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Rubens Van Dyck, la collezione di un principe (The collection of the prince)

06/12/18 – 07/04/19. The prestigious collection belonged to the Vandeneynden family and, later, to the Colonna di Stigliano princes who lived in the sumptuous residence of via Toledo, in the last decades of the seventeenth century. Masterpieces from Italian and foreign museums return to Naples, for the first time, in the same rooms where they were kept for a long time.

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Depositi di Capodimonte (Storages from Capodimonte)

21/12/18 – 15/05/19. The Capodimonte exhibition will show 1220 works, including paintings, statues, tapestries, porcelains, weapons, and decoration objects.

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Klimt Experience

20/10/18 – 03/02/19. Klimt Experience is an immersive and multimedia journey dedicated to the life and works of the painter Gustav Klimt. The main purpose is to thrill and fascinate the spectators, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and artist and the understanding of his works. A multimedia jump in Klimt’s art and history. The exhibition includes the biography told by the monitors of the visual room, a magical kaleidoscope with signs and images projected on walls and ceilings in the hall of mirrors; virtual reality with the Oculus VR. A different way to approach art, a dreamlike journey.

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Pietrarsa Express and museum

03/02/19 and 17/02/19. Pietrarsa Express is the historic train of Naples that starting from the central station will take you to the “Museo Nazionale di Pietrarsa” (National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa), where you can visit the collection of locomotives, and carriages.

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I De Filippo. Il mestiere in scena

8/11/18 – 24/04/19. Thanks to unpublished material, letters, photos, videos, costumes, posters, manuscripts and typescripts, this exhibition shows up like a some kind of dialogue between the De Filippo family and the public. People will meet Eduardo through the movies, through the poems, through the songs, will live his strength, his rigor, the importance that the theatre and the audience had for him and that took him not to stop even when life was terribly tough with him.

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Escher - Dobedoo


01/11/18 – 22/04/19. Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli will house the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. He is best known for the engravings of images based on symmetries that explore the infinite, mathematical paradoxes and (apparently) impossible perspectives. There will also be a large section dedicated to the influence that his work have had on subsequent generations: discs, comics, advertising, movies. A big journey through 200 works, from Escher to the present day.

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09/02/19 – 17/02/19. The international boat show returns at “La Mostra d’Oltremare”, where stands and exhibits will be set up for boats, yachts, goiters, rubber rafts and everything is related to the boating industry.

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Chagall, sogno d’amore (Love dream)

15/12/19 – 30/06/19. The magic of Marc Chagall, at the Basilica della Pietrasanta. The life of the famous Russian painter told through 150 works between paintings, drawings, watercolours and engravings. Rare and extraordinary works coming from private collections and therefore difficult to access for the public. In his works we can find, childhood memories, fairy tales, poetry, religion, war and love for his wife. A universe of dreams that give life to landscapes populated by real and imaginary characters. The transposition of a dreamlike imaginary in which it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between reality and fiction.

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China - dobedoo

The ancient treasures of China

14/12/18 – 11/12/19. Mortals Immortals. The treasures of Sichuan from the ancient China. The exhibition is dedicated to the ancient Chinese people, the mysteries and the beauty, with 130 testimonies from the Shu culture. It is possible to know the evocative and enigmatic features of the Shu tradition, with its sophisticated bronze masks and the cult of the sun.

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Chocolate party

08/02/19 – 10/02/19. A tasty opportunity to eat all you want, thanks to the pastry chefs from all Italy.

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The Etruscans at the Pompeii archaeological park

12/12/18 – 02/05/19. Thirteen sections for about 800 artefacts, from Italian and European museums, will tell of the first Etruscan influences in Campania. Findings in bronze, silver, ceramics, tombs, sanctuaries, allow to analyse and compare more elements, to face the controversial dynamics of the Etruscan presence in Campania.

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SplendOri, the luxury of the Hercolanum ornaments

20/12/18 – 20/09/19. The first major Ercolano Archaeological Park exhibition. Precious jewels and ornaments, domestic furnishings, artifacts for personal and daily use, a collection that includes more than 200 pieces.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

01/12/18 – 30/06/19. An interactive exhibition on the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci. This exhibition will allows you to admire closely the different machines invented by the great genius of Leonardo da Vinci: there will be machines for the flight, a bicycle, a hydraulic saw and many other inventions. All the machines are functional and can be tested by the participants.

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Robert Mapplethorpe

14/12/18 – 08/04/19. Robert Mapplethrope was considered one of the greatest photographers of all time. His works were focused mainly on celebrities, sadomasochism, and nudism. The exhibition is divided into more sections. An “Overture”, at the entrance hall, dedicated to Patti Smith and Samuel Wagstaff Jr. Body portraits between dancers, athletes, bodybuilders and models. The X Room (R-rated), with the most secret and extreme works, including a selection of the famous Portfolio X. Between the others portraits.

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Here some Theatrical Shows you can’t miss in February

Peter pan - dobedoo

Peter Pan

08/02/19 – 17/02/19. “I do believe in fairies”. The famous story from the book by James Matthew Barrie at the Augusteo Theatre. A journey to “Neverland”, among pirates, indians, magic and the lost boys. With the music of Edoardo Bennato.

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Mamma mia!

22/02/19 – 03/03/19. A worldwide success. The musical “Mamma mia” at the Augusteo Theatre. The soundtrack includes some of the greatest hits from the “Abba”.

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03/02/19 – 09/02/19. Show in 2 acts.

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Bestie di scena (Beasts on stage)

05/02/19 – 10/02/19. Beast on stage has amazed, fascinated and scandalized critics and audiences. The protagonists are silent, without clothes, and they move on stage like beasts. The characters are a fleeing community, driven out of paradise, just like Adam and Eve. These beasts end up on the earthly world, a stage full of pitfalls and temptations, the place of sin.

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Look like

27/02/19 – 01/03/19. Chiara wants to be beautiful, because she believes that only aesthetic perfection can lead her to success. She will speak to Arturo Marras, the showgirl aesthetic surgeon. But what remains of Chiara and her eighteen years after the surgery? According to the director Salvatore Cutri, “we are unconsciously inside a perennial virtual frame, in a continuous performance to which it seems impossible to escape”.

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circo - dobedoo


14/02/19 – 24/03/19. For the first time at the amusement park Edenlandia the show “CirCuba”, the Cuban circus that mixes folklore dance and circus arts with the rhythms and the melodies of rumba, merengue, cha cha cha and salsa. The Cubans are real masters in the dance and for this event, 15 artists from the most famous circus school in Havana, have been chosen. They will invite you to celebrate with joy and good humour, the entrance on this island rich in joy, beautiful people and natural beauty. A show that wants to be an invitation to joy, a remedy against darkness.

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Dinner at Hogwarts

23/02/19 – 24/02/19. A dinner with the most loved characters from the world of Harry Potter. The most famous school of Magic and Sorcery is coming in the phantasmagoric “Castello De Vita” in Naples. 4 houses, 4 professors, 1 speaking hat, lots of tests and games will make you relive the most magical moments of the school of Hogwarts for an unforgettable evening.

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Lidia Togni Circus

21/12/18 – 10/02/19. Shows to entertain adults and children. International artists, exotic animals, acrobats, a train loaded with over 50 specimens of dogs, trainers struggling with lions, clown and more.

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Dinosauri in carne e ossa (Dinosaurs in flesh and blood)

12/11/18 – 09/03/19. Dinosaurs are back, and they and they have established themselves at the. Astroni Crater, an extinct volcano just 5 km from Naples. It is a unique experience that helps us to reflect on a question: can you survive a mass extinction? A small group of survivors gave life to different species of animals, that have dominated the earth. Extinction is part of evolution, but over the past 350 years, our actions have placed the planet at risk of a new mass extinction. The exhibition tells the history of life, from Paleozoic till the present day.

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I venerdì del Taijiquan (Taijiquan Fridays)

24/10/18 – 05/05/19. Taijiquan is a Chinese fighting technique suitable for everyone and is based on a harmonious balance between body and mind, restoring the energy flow and psychophysical well-being.

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