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Cold is coming, we dress heavier and we want to close the door and stay under the covers. But don’t stay at home, there is so much happening in Naples. Exhibitions, fairs, courses, theatrical plays, tours, there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy. Also for this month, we have chosen some unmissable things for you. If there is a special event going down, you’ll be the first to know.

Here some important exhibitions you can’t miss in November

Expanded Interiors

Expanded Dobedoo

14/07/2018 > 15/01/2019. Expanded Interiors explores ancient Roman wall paintings and Roman artefacts through fine-art practice at the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The project will develop site-specific fine art installations within two distinct architectural contexts: the House of the Cryptoporticus, in Pompeii, and the House of the Beautiful Courtyard, in Herculaneum.  Expanded Interiors is led by Newcastle University and brings together an experienced team from contemporary art, archaeology and digital technology. We are looking at the relevance of Roman wall painting and Roman artefacts for contemporary fine-art practice, and how to respond to the histories and complex nature of these archaeological sites within a contemporary context.


Alla ricerca di Stabia (finding Stabia)

31/07/18 > 31/01/19. A journey through history and knowledge of Stabiae. A journey made possible by the findings of:

Necropoli di Madonna delle Grazie, with about 300 tombs spread over an area of 15,000 square meters, it’s a precious source of information on the inhabitants of the ancient centers that surrounded Pompei;

– extraurban sanctuary of Privati, connected to the female world, to the protection of fertility and births.

The artifacts represent the identity of the deceased and prove wine consumption forms, linked to Greek and Etruscan world. The artifacts also testify the presence in Campania of Etruscans, which have caused profound changes in territorial arrangements and settlement dynamics.


An exhibition for Olimpio Greco

13/10/18 > 29/12/18. The retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Sicilian futurist photographer Olimpio Greco, also called Grecolio. The exhibition, curated by Viktor Grobheiten, will present photos taken between 1919 and 1925. As Grobheiten says: “maybe it’s time to shed light on Italian futurism artists, who didn’t have the visibility and the success they deserved. And it is certainly the case of Grecolio, a great interpreter of photodynamism”.


Archivio magazzini. Chapter one, by Yvonne De Rosa

12/10/2018 > 02/12/2018. The Yvonne’s photographic research is a photographic material recovery, focusing in particularly on the observation and interaction between past and present, looking for a timeless narrative. The main goal is to recover over 10,000 negatives found in a box, through a long restoration and digitalization process. Chapter one is just the beginning: the exhibition presents the first digitized photos remained unpublished for over 60 years, which makes us witnesses of a historical time that has marked a unique phase for our region. Nino Taranto, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, the Kennedys, Eduardo De Filippo.


London Shadow

London Shadows Dobedoo

18/10/18 > 20/01/19. This exhibition tells through 23 works, the spirit of artistic renewal that begins in Great Britain, in the late eighties and early nineties under the name of YBA (Young British Artists). At the end of the decade, just over twenty years old and still students, these young artists finally glimpse the possibility of leaving behind the “old” generation, imposing new signs, messages and expressive codes.


Il Futurismo (Futurism)

19/10/18 > 17/02/19. Works by Boccioni, Balla, Carrà, Severini. Sixty-four masterpieces take us to the first and most important vanguard European Futurism of the early 1900s.


Jean Loup Champion exhibition

18/10/18 > 11/01/19. The Mapils Gallery presents Bianchi i giorni che sovrastano le notti, from Jean Loup Champion. Jean-Loup Champion is coming in Naples with a personal exhibition, in which he proposes an unpublished production realized in the last few years. The trauma caused by three consecutive liver transplants, made him discover, and then express, another body and another world, white and three – dimensional. In 2017, Jean-Loup Champion dedicated himself to a new series of works entitled Monumenti. These works refer to the Baroque funerary monuments of Naples and the Cy Twombly white sculptures. Made in wood and various materials, they are always painted in white. These monuments will be exhibited for the first time in Naples, at the Mapils Gallery.


Klimt Experience

20/10/18 > 03/02/19. Klimt Experience is an immersive and multimedia journey dedicated to the life and works of Gustav Klimt. The aim is to thrill and fascinate the spectators, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and artist and the understanding of his works. A multimedia jump in Klimt’s art and history. The exhibition includes the biography told by the monitors of the visual room, a magical kaleidoscope with signs and images projected on walls and ceilings in the hall of mirrors; virtual reality with the Oculus VR. A different way to approach art, a dreamlike journey.


S.O.S. Napoli. 100 artists for the book of the city

24/11/18. A choral exhibition that has received positive reviews from both Italian and foreign tourists. The SOS Partenope initiative aims to support and finance the crowdfunding project for the Italian translation of Dictionnaire amoureux de Naples (enthusiast dictionary for Naples), by Jean-Noël Schifano, honorary citizen of Naples since 1994 and director of Grenoble until 1998. On show the works of over 100 artists of different generations, Italians and foreigners, who take part in the project donating their own works. The works will be given as a prize to those who contribute to the donation.



Escher - Dobedoo

01/11/18 > 22/04/19. Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli will host the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. There will also be a large section dedicated to the influence that his work have had on subsequent generations: discs, comics, advertising, cinema. A big journey through 200 works, from Escher to the present day.


I De Filippo. Il mestiere in scena

8/11/18 > 24/04/19.  Through unpublished material, letters, photos, videos, costumes, posters, manuscripts and typescripts, the exhibition will be a continuous dialogue between the De Filippo family and the public. The public for whom this great family has always worked and donated every day his craft and his art. People will meet Eduardo through the movies, through the poems, through the songs, will live his strength, his rigor, the importance that the theatre and the audience had for him and that took him not to stop even when life was terribly hard with him.


Here some important Events you can’t miss in November

Brikmania, un mondo di mattoncini (a world of bricks)

Lego - Dobedoo

13/10/18 > 27/01/19. The world’s largest exhibition of Lego is here. 2 million of bricks, with vintage cars, pirate galleons and the Star Wars saga. Children will find a pool full of bricks where they can play.


Dinosauri in carne e ossa (Dinosaurs in flesh and blood)

12/11/18 > 11/11/18. Dinosaurs are back, and they decided to populate the Astroni Crater, an extinct volcano just 5 km from Naples. It is a unique experience that helps us to reflect on a question: can you survive a mass extinction? A small group of survivors gave life to different species of animals, that have dominated the earth. Extinction is part of evolution, but over the past 350 years, our actions have placed the planet at risk of a new mass extinction. The exhibition tells the history of life, from Paleozoic till the present day.


Chocoland la terra dei golosi (the land of gluttons)

30/10/18 > 04/11/18. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Return the most delicious event of the year. This is the main southern Italy event dedicated to the chocolate world.


Sagra delle Osterie d’Ognissanti

Sagra - Dobedoo

01/11/18 > 04/11/18. La Sagra delle Osterie d’Ognissanti wants to recreate the eighteenth-century Neapolitan city. In a picturesque village of huts, over 300 people will recall ancient crafts and traditional food from the Campania region. Homemade food, ancient daily life glimpses, folk dances, and musicians. A joyous feast for saints and dead, far from sadness and regret, with the intent to recreate the link with our roots, with rituals that contain traditions, values and culture.


Napoli Fashion Kids

30/11/2018 > 01/12/2018. The first edition of Napoli Fashion Kids, the only Parthenopean event dedicated to children’s fashion and creativity and a future landmark for professionals. The children of ViMagazineKids will parade in a creative performance, interpreting the unmistakable styles of the sponsors of the event that will introduce the new spring/summer 2019 collection.


Here some important Theatrical Shows you can’t miss in November

Il barbiere di Siviglia (The barber of Seivelle)

08/11/18 > 11/11/18. The barber of seville is still one of the most followed theatrical works in the world, and is coming to Naples to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the death of Gioacchino Rossini, the author of the play.


Fronte del porto (On the Waterfront)

08/11/18 > 25/11/18. A reinterpretation of the 1954 masterpiece. The show will be able to give the audience the strength of the story, identifying them with the intense and angry relationships between the characters, told with the unmistakable signature of Alessandro Gassmann.


Il servo (The Servant)

08/11/18 > 11/11/18. The adaptation of the psychological and dramatic 1948 novel, by Robin Maughm. A relationship of addiction and domination between 2 men. Barret is a servant hired by Tony, a young Londoner lawyer. The servant seems to fulfill his task, but through ambiguous psychological games it will come to the reversal of roles, with Tony completely dependent on Barret.


Fado napoletano

08/11/18 > 12/11/18. At the Trianon Viviani theater, the singer and actress Maria Nazionale, will be the protagonist of Fado napoletano, from the director Nino D’Angelo.



Masaniello - Dobedoo

19/10/2018 > 04/11/2018. A work that has marked the history of modern theatre. The story takes place on July 7th, 1647, when the Neapolitan people, already exasperated by the excessive taxes, rebelled in Piazza del Mercato against the price fruit increase.


Il don Chisciotte della Pignasecca

22/11/18. A musical comedy inspired by Saavedra, from Miguel Cervantes. With Nando Paone and Peppe Barra.


La divina Sarah

23/11/2018. La divina Sarah it’s an act of love for an immortal diva. A woman who, with her art and her extravagances, has built the first example of protagonism in the history of women’s entertainment. A revolutionary nonconformist who first imposed herself on the world stage in men’s clothes. A living myth that rewrites its tumultuous path of life with his slave-secretary, with whom a funny and surreal sadomasochistic relationship is established.


Miseria e nobiltà

30/11/2018. Felice Sciosciammocca and his friend Pasquale are two poor people who live the day. The two friends and their families are hired by the Marquis Eugenio, because they pretend to be his noble relatives, at the house of his future father-in-law, an enriched cook, with the aim to receive the permission to marry his daughter. Twists and misunderstandings, will make things more complicated and nothing will go according to plan.


Here some important Courses you can’t miss in November

Dance Therapy Course

Dance - Dobedoo

24/09/18 > 24/06/19. It is a dance that encourages expressiveness, creativity, communication, body mobility, knowledge and perception of oneself. It is an opportunity for change through the expression of individual potentials. It is about listening to the body and its inner world. With body, music, silence, space, voice, colours, images, inspiring objects, relationship with oneself and with others, born a unique choreographic path. It is a course suitable for everyone, even for those approaching for the first time to the world of dance.


Le genitorialità e le diverse fasi di crescita del bambino (parenthood and child development stages)

12/11/18. Together with psychotherapists, nutritionists and experts, the course will analyze various issues that will help parents and future parents to approach the parenthood and the different child development stages. The courses are free and open to public. If necessary, a babysitting service is available for 5 euros.


Here some important Tours you can’t miss in November

Quartieri spagnoli, dinner and tombola.

Tombola - Dobedoo

03/11/18. A guided tour of the Spanish Quarter. Murals, churches, illuminations will guide you through the intricate and fascinating alleys behind Via Toledo. The end of the tour will be a Neapolitan folk dwelling, where good food and music will await you. And finally, one of the most famous Neapolitan games: tombola.


Il Castello aragonese di Baia e il Museo dei Campi flegrei (Aragon Castle and Campi Flegrei Museum)

04/11/18. Le Capere invites you to spend a Sunday morning discovering the Aragonese Castle of Baia, which houses the Archaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei. The visit will include the church of Santa Maria di Piedigrotta, the park, the Tomb of Virgil, the Roman aqueduct remains, and the Neapolitan Crypta.


Napoli greco – romana

10/11/18. A walk to the historic center of Naples to discover its Greek and Roman past. A journey in search of the 2000 years old Neapolis.


Here some important Concerts you can’t miss in October

TheGiornalisti – Love tour

The giornalisti - Dobedoo

03/11/18. Thegiornalisti are coming in autumn with their new “Love Tour 2018”


Nosferatu, una sinfonia degli orrori (Nosferatu, a horror symphony)

19/11/18. A non-professional music band, the Opera Nera, tried to create a soundtrack based on the classic horror movie of 1922. They did it with the heavy metal. The band wrote, arranged and synchronized 90 minutes of music, for Murnau’s masterpiece, based on Stoker’s Dracula.



16/11/18. The rapper Davide de Luca, known as Gemitaiz, is coming to Naples at La Casa della Musica (The House of the Music).


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