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Looking for interesting things to do in Naples in October? You are lucky! Here’s to you a little guide to some of the most interesting concerts, exhibitions, festivals and activities in Naples, for the month of October.


Here some important exhibitions you can’t miss in October

Expanded Interiors

For all October. By investigating two distinctive Roman houses, this project sets out an exchange of knowledge between old and new: the exhibition explores what contemporary painting and site-specific fine-art practice can learn from the often incredibly sophisticated and complex works of the Roman wall painters. In turn, we investigate how contemporary fine-art practice can provide new perspectives on the spatial configurations of Ancient Roman Houses and the artefacts that adorned them. This will bring Roman artefacts (their replicas) back to the sites, while exploring new forms for displaying archaeological artefacts at Roman archaeological sites.

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San Gennaro expo 20×20

Until 8th October. Ventiperventi is a metalinguistic box of the pop visual culture of the twenty-first century. The international exhibition “Ventiperventi”, arises from the idea of reinterpreting in a contemporary key the tradition of the “riggiole”, the tiles of Neapolitan school size 20×20, which, in the past centuries decorated the royal and more popular houses. It is precisely in these last ones that the most creative solutions were revealed, since the production “scraps” were used. The result was a collage of beauty, creativity, uniqueness and diversity.

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La luce dell’inchiostro ottenebra (The Lights of the Link Obfuscate)

Until 11th October. The Tiziana Di Caro gallery will host the exhibition “La luce dell’inchiostro ottenebra”. The research of Antonio Della Guardia is focused on the impact that certain working patterns can have on the lives of people. To illustrate these dynamics Antonio Della Guardia use the drawing, the photograph, the video package. The title of the exhibition, “La luce dell’inchiostro ottenebra”, means that behind the aesthetic aspect of the writing and the link, the restlessness of  the superiority is hidden. The light is intended as a climb to success, but the verb “obscure” is a contrast, and reveals the dark sides of such success.

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Cuban Trilogy. A meeting with the photographer Ernest Bazan

Until 13th October. The photographs taken from his three books are part of the exhibition: Bazan Cuba (1998), Al Campo (2011) and Isla (2014). In the exhibition these three works are mixed together, creating a unique and personal representation. The visitor will find himself on an intimate journey among the characters of an island full of poetry, suffering, joy and empathy, that in many ways resembles his native Sicily. The two islands become one.

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Street Home

Until 15th October. Dell’Ovo castle will host the exhibition of Andrea Chisesi, Street home. The event, through 135 works (paintings, photographs, paper inserts) is an itinerary of the history of Naples, from its origins to the present.

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2nd to 15th October. Is the photographic exhibition from the journalist Renato Aiello. A journey with black and white images through the November 2015 Paris attack. The mission of the exhibition is to keep a high level of attention and preserve the memory, for our generation and the future ones. So that not only does this not happen again, but finally take consciousness of horror and meaningless death.

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Klimt Experience

From 20th October. Klimt Experience is an immersive and multimedia journey dedicated to the life and works of Gustav Klimt. The aim is to thrill and fascinate the spectators, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and artist and the understanding of his works. A multimedia jump in Klimt’s art and history. The exhibition includes the biography told by the monitors of the visual room, a magical kaleidoscope with signs and images projected on walls and ceilings in the hall of mirrors; virtual reality with the Oculus VR. A different way to approach art, a dreamlike journey.

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Statue Vivae. Photographs by Sergio Visciano

Until 30th October. The photographic project “Statue Vivae”, has the task of creating a connection between artwork, photography and spectator, to enhance the inside of the statue, its essence, which goes beyond time and the historical context in which it was realized. Among the shots we will find divinities, heroes, mythical characters, ideal representations of athletes of the ancient world.

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Disco Days

13 – 14 October. Disco Days wants to be the link between music and culture. But also a meeting place, a dialogue to create new synergies between the actors and the protagonists of the music universe: artists, independent labels, record market, authors and associations. The exhibition area will host shops, vinyl collectors, music bands, publishing houses, magazines and web-magazines, bookshops, music schools, radio and web Tv. It is planned a competition for the independent record labels. The winner will receive free press of 300 vinyl albums.

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Here some important Events you can’t miss in October

IT.A.CÀ, festival del turismo responsabile (IT.A.CÀ Festival of Responsible Tourism)

12 – 14 October. It represents a good practice in which tourists and the local community give life to socially innovative practices that contribute to develop the territory in a sustainable way. Focusing on the issue of responsibility in tourism, the festival has evolved in 10 years of programming, organizing more than 400 initiatives and events, intended as opportunities to encourage participants to reflect on their approach to tourism. The agenda includes: guided tours aimed at enhancing the cultural and historical heritage of the area, debates and meetings with experts in the field, seminars, lunches at “kilometer zero”, experiential dinners, writing contests, illustration and photography, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and theater.

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Fantasy Day

13 – 14 October. The Fantasy Day every year attracts hundreds of people, fans of comics, books and fantasy, who have the opportunity to share their passion. There will be many guests from the world of animation, youtubers, entertainers, emerging authors of fantasy novels  and dubbers. Stands for gadget will be set up, along with areas reserved for cartoonists and designers, field for games and an area for children. The entry is free.

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19 – 28 October. The food festival. The food is intended as a way for knowledge and intercultural exchange, cultures and territories enhancement.

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Venice in Naples. Not only cinema

24 – 28 October. This eighth edition will bring in Naples movies not released in Italy, national and international guests, but it won’t be a simple film festival. From this year the event will also be an opportunity to involve the younger with prizes, facilities and educational and cultural training courses, training internships and alternating schoolwork programs.

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Halloween napoletano tra Dracula, diavoli e fantasmi con pizza! (Halloween in Naples, with Dracula, devils, ghost and pizza!)

27th October. For this Halloween the Capere will offer you a very special evening to discover the most diabolical secrets of Naples, investigating on stories about ghosts, devils, spirits, love and hate. The tour includes Palazzo Penne and the Church of Santa Maria la Nova, where you’ll find out the tomb probably belonged to Dracula. The tour will end will end in Spaccanapoli, where you can enjoy a deep-fried pizza.

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Here some important Theatrical Shows you can’t miss in October


9 – 10 October. A theatre drama from Giuseppe Verdi. 4 acts.

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Messa Requiem

19th October. The musical composition from Giuseppe Verdi

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Don Giovanni

19 – 28 October. At the Bellini Theatre, the great lover Don Giovanni

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La Tarantina

20 – 21 October. At the New Theatre in Naples, the author Fortunato Calvino takes us to the world of “La Tarantina”. The Tarantina, of Apulian origins and Neapolitan adoption, tells of the arrival of Carmelo in Naples, immediately after the war. The beginning of prostitution, the persecution of the police and the departure for Rome, where he lived his personal and transgressive sweet life, knowing names such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Laura Betti, Goffredo Parise and Novella Parigini.

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Muhammad Ali

24 – 28 October. On stage, an actor and director who, under the eyes of the audience, emotionally, poetically and artistically, build the show. The inspiration for the show comes from the body of Muhammad Ali, a trained, glorified, observed and acclaimed body, a cunning body that knows how to cushion a blow, a ready, strong, black body, boiling.

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Here some important Courses you can’t miss in October

Dance Therapy Course

For all October, on monday. It is a dance that encourages expressiveness, creativity, communication, body mobility, knowledge and perception of oneself. It is an opportunity for change through the expression of individual potentials. It is about listening to the body and its inner world. With body, music, silence, space, voice, colours, images, inspiring objects, relationship with oneself and with others, born a unique choreographic path. It is a course suitable for everyone, even for those approaching for the first time to the world of dance.

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Workshop of Arab dance

20th October. Workshop of expressive Arab dance.

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Luca Carboni tour

26th October. “Una grande festa” (A Big Party) is one of the most popular Italian radio tracks. An overwhelming summer hymn and one of the great classics of the Bolognese singer-songwriter’s discography, for his pop sounds. The song anticipates the release of the new album «Sputnik», scheduled for June 8th.

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