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CAMPANA – Campana is a coffee brand that for more than 50 years has been passing its tradition on from father to son, in the name of continuity but also of innovation, promoting a culture yet unknown to many.

We choose the best beans from the world, including specialty Coffees, those coming from small farmers and picked by hand.

We adopt an artisanal method of production, based on batch and direct flame processes. We roast our coffee based on individual origin, because we believe that each coffee requires different procedures and resting times. Our blends can be distinguished by their intense, floral, and fruity aroma and taste.

You may taste only our blends but also mono-varietal and single origin coffees, each narrating the story of a producer or the culture of a people. The coffees are extracted via espresso or filter, allowing each to express the best of its aromas and its fruity tones.

Via Sacra, 44 – 80045 – Pompei (NA)

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Phone: +39 328 0742328

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