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DOBEDOO – Pasta alla Genovese Napoletana.

All Naples talks about him, “O ‘Genoves” who literally surprised everyone with his macaroni.

I remember that when I went there with my boss there were always an incredible crowd who often repeated phrases like “genoves, a nice dish for my lady” or “what a show, o’genoves is a genius,”. We went there not because the other inns were not good, but the genius idea of “genoves” was unsurpassable: without spending too much money, so that you could please all the guests at the tavern, he made a special union between onions and meat , creating a creamy sauce that matches perfectly with macaroni and also represents a second dish when needed.

And if we can now enjoy the “pasta at the Genovese” it is only thanks to this fantastic idea of such a brilliant innkeeper that will remain in the typical Neapolitan gastronomy infinitely.


500 gr of cut “ziti”

1 kg and a half of beef

1 glass of white wine




Pecorino cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt, pepper, nutmeg q.b


Cut the meat into pieces of medium size and brown in oil, turning from time to time with a wooden ladle. Then add carrots, celery and blend everything with white wine. Add the chopped thin onions, just enough water and cover with the lid. Salad to taste. Remove the lid and cook over low heat for about six hours. The meat should be removed after about three hours. The remaining three hours are used to finish cooking the sauce, which must have a creamy texture and brownish color. After the complete cooking of the sauce, put the meat in the sauce and stir in a slow fire. Meanwhile, bake the zites and drain them, then put them into the sauce and add some pepper and a handful of pecorino.

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