Royal Park of Capodimonte

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DOBEDOO – The construction of the Royal Park of Capodimonte began in 1742, to be completed the next year, under the guidance of architect Ferdinando Sanfelice: this produces a park of great visual and prospective impact in an area of ​​one hundred and twenty-four acres.

Access to the Royal Park of Capodimonte, the one where the forest starts, is allowed by three gates: the main is the Porta di Mezzo, with wrought iron gate, considered to be one of the most elegant examples of Neapolitan rococo works, completed in 1736 and originally adorned with coat-of-arms and Bourbon effigies, there are the Porta di Miano and the Porta di Santa Maria dei Monti.

The main attraction is the garden, where you can take advantage of the green to relax by strolling or lounging on benches and meadows.

Inside the Royal Park of Capodimonte there are several buildings used over time for the most varied reasons. Other important buildings that can be found inside the park are the Hermitage of the Cappuccini, consisting of a dormitory for monks, a church, two gardens with fruit trees and a small cemetery, the Casino of the Queen, originally destined for constituting a pause for princes and members of the Royal family during hunting season and “intimate” celebrations of Ladies and Knights of the Court and the Porcelain Factory of Capodimonte.

Opening hours
October, February and March from 7:45 am to 6:00 pm
November, December and January from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm
April, May, June, July, August and September from 7:45 am to 7:30 pm
Closed on December 25, January 1 and Easter.
Free admission

via Miano 2, Naples

How to get here:
Subway Line 1, get off at Dante, then bus Anm C63, get off at the “Porta Grande Museum” stop.

Phone: 0817410080

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