Salotto Nunziata Italian restaurant

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SALOTTO NUNZIATA – Research of recipes from ancient and modern sources.

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Two brothers, Gianmaria always committed in the restaurant sector and Diego, archaeologist and curious chronic. We have decided to fonder our passions and our knowledge in a family-running restaurant where it find any space of art and expression: exhibition, photographic, writing and figurative arts.


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Nunziata, which the salotto is dedicated, our mother. You have sent the love for good food … living room why is a place where everyone relax and you feel at home own.

Salotto Nunziata
Via Giovanni Bausan, 41 – Napoli
Phone: +39 081 252 5024

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Saturday: 07:30 pm – 00:00
Sunday: 11:30 am – 05:00 pm (by reservation only)

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