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We are in December. December means Christmas, holidays, presents and sitting under the tree. But these aren’t the only things to do in December. Let’s find out some of the best events for this month.

Here some Exhibitions you can’t miss in December

London - Dobedoo


London Shadow. La rivoluzione inglese da Gilbert & George a Damien Hirst

19/10/18 – 20/01/19. The London Shadow exhibition recounts, through twenty-three works, the spirit of artistic renewal that began in Great Britain  (YBA, Young British Artists) in the late eighties and early nineties. At the end of the decade, these young artists finally glimpsed the possibility of breaking with the “old” generation imposing signs, messages and new expressive codes. Leader of the movement is Damien Hirst.

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Expanded Interiors

14/07/18 – 15/01/19. Expanded Interiors explores ancient Roman wall paintings and Roman artefacts through fine-art practice at the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The project will develop site-specific fine art installations within two distinct architectural contexts: the House of the Cryptoporticus, in Pompeii, and the House of the Beautiful Courtyard, in Herculaneum. Expanded Interiors is planned by Newcastle University and brings together an experienced team from contemporary art, archaeology and digital technology.

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An exhibition for Olimpio Greco

13/10/18 – 29/12/18. The retrospective exhibition dedicated to the Sicilian futurist and photographer Olimpio Greco, also called Grecolio. The exhibition, curated by Viktor Grobheiten, will present photos taken between 1919 and 1925. As Grobheiten says: “maybe it’s time to shed light on Italian futurism artists, who didn’t have the visibility and the success they deserved. And it is certainly the case of Grecolio, a great interpreter of photodynamism”.

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Jean Loup Champion exhibition

18/10/18 – 11/01/19. The Mapils Gallery presents Bianchi i giorni che sovrastano le notti, from Jean Loup Champion. Jean-Loup offers an unpublished production realized in the last few years. The trauma caused by three consecutive liver transplants, made him discover, and then express, another body and another world, white and three – dimensional. In 2017, Jean-Loup Champion worked on a new series of works entitled Monumenti. These works refer to the Baroque funerary monuments of Naples and the Cy Twombly white sculptures. Made in wood and various materials, they are always painted in white.

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Il Futurismo (Futurism)

19/10/18 – 17/02/19. Works by Boccioni, Balla, Carrà, Severini. Sixty-four masterpieces take us to the first and most important vanguard European Futurism of the early 1900s.

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Klimt - Dobedoo

Klimt Experience

20/10/18 – 03/02/19. Klimt Experience is an immersive and multimedia journey dedicated to the life and works of Gustav Klimt. The main purpose is to thrill and fascinate the spectators, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and artist and the understanding of his works. A multimedia jump in Klimt’s art and history. The exhibition includes the biography told by the monitors of the visual room, a magical kaleidoscope with signs and images projected on walls and ceilings in the hall of mirrors; virtual reality with the Oculus VR. A different way to approach art, a dreamlike journey.

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25/10/18 – 14/12/18. In the heart of Naples, in the Renaissance residence of Palazzo Venezia, the Ambasciata Gallery opens to the public. Thanks to the collaboration of Giorgio Marrocco, it is pleased to present the exhibition of Sivlio VanciniDistacco”, curated by Nova Art.

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I De Filippo. Il mestiere in scena

8/11/18 – 24/04/19. Thanks to unpublished material, letters, photos, videos, costumes, posters, manuscripts and typescripts, this exhibition shows up like a some kind of dialogue between the De Filippo family and the public. People will meet Eduardo through the movies, through the poems, through the songs, will live his strength, his rigor, the importance that the theatre and the audience had for him and that took him not to stop even when life was terribly tough with him.

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01/11/18 – 22/04/19. Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli will house the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. There will also be a large section dedicated to the influence that his work have had on subsequent generations: discs, comics, advertising, movies. A big journey through 200 works, from Escher to the present day.

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Here some Events you can’t miss in December

Dinosaur - Dobedoo

Dinosauri in carne e ossa (Dinosaurs in flesh and blood)

12/11/18 – 09/03/19. Dinosaurs are back, and they and they have established themselves at the. Astroni Crater, an extinct volcano just 5 km from Naples. It is a unique experience that helps us to reflect on a question: can you survive a mass extinction? A small group of survivors gave life to different species of animals, that have dominated the earth. Extinction is part of evolution, but over the past 350 years, our actions have placed the planet at risk of a new mass extinction. The exhibition tells the history of life, from Paleozoic till the present day.

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Brikmania, un mondo di mattoncini (a world of bricks)

13/10/18 – 27/01/19. The world’s biggest exhibition of Lego is here. 2 million of bricks, with vintage cars, pirate galleons and the Star Wars saga and an area with a pool full of bricks where children can play.

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I venerdì del Taijiquan (Taijiquan Fridays)

24/10/18 – 05/05/19. Taijiquan is a Chinese fighting technique suitable for everyone and is based on a harmonious balance between body and mind, restoring the energy flow and psychophysical well-being.

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Castello - Dobedoo

Natale al castello di Lettere (Christmas at Lettere castle)

10/11/18 – 06/01/19. In the wonderful Archaeological park in “Castello di Lettere”, it will take place “Natale al Castello” (Christmas at the Castle). The Castle will be set up according to a traditional Christmas Market. The event, is the favourite destination for adults and children who spend a very special moment during the holidays, between tradition, games and typical tastings. With kiosks in which artisans, masters of the Neapolitan manger, producers and farms, will propose their creations.

Mercatini al castello di Ottaviano (Markets at the Ottaviano castle)

01/12/18 – 16/12/18. More than 100 exhibitors at the Mediceo Castle, organized in typical wooden houses, will offer a wide range of products. Christmas lights, artists, concerts, choirs and shows are the perfect setting for this typical Christmas atmosphere.

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Mercatini di Natale 2018 (Christmas markets 2018)

02/12/18 – 21/12/18. The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa will be transformed into the city of the Christmas, giving visitors unforgettable emotions. If you visit the markets you can freely access and visit the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa. Children can visit the house of Santa Claus, view the locomotives of the “Polar Express”, meeting characters from fairy tales and listening tales like Snow White, Pinocchio and The Pied Piper.

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Christmas in the Middle Ages

10/12/18 – 24/12/18. For 14 days Borgo Martucci will turn into a historical road. Take a leap into the past and experience history in an original way. Ladies, knights, jugglers and minstrels, let yourself be guided towards the magic.

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Here some Theatrical Shows you can’t miss in December

Theatre - Dobedoo

MADE IN CHINA postcards from Van Gogh

04/12/18 – 09/12/18. An original comparison between Van Gogh, the artistic genius, and China, the serial reproduction for commercial purposes. A very original show in which the reference “made in China”, suggests food for thought on contemporary society.

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07/12/18 – 09/12/18. A restaurant, the owner, his son, two waiters and the cook. Every Sunday after the closing, they go to the basement of the club to play poker all the night. This routine is broken by the arrival on the scene of a mysterious character. A character that brings to the life of the protagonists imbalance and curiosity, adding suspense to the developments of the story and, above all, to the game that will be played.

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Cous - Dobedoo

Cous Cous Klan

07/12/18 – 16/12/18. In a near future, the water is privatized and the rivers are guarded by the government guards. In an abandoned parking lot there is a homeless community, frayed by anger and conflict. Aldo and Nina, a rebellious and unpredictable girl, who will prove to be the biggest of their problems and, at the same time, the key to a social redemption, will be part of the community.

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Avevo un bel pallone rosso (I had a beautiful red balloon)

11/12/18 – 16/12/18. Margherita is a young Catholic girl who, after moving to Milan, in a few years becomes “Mara”, leader of the Red Brigades. The show, through the conversations between her and her father, tells the story of Margherita and outlines the intimate and dramatic relationship between father and daughter, which mixes with the history of Italy.

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Le ho mai raccontato del vento del nord

12/12/18 – 16/12/18. A wrong e-mail address, triggers a spark between 2 strangers. Based on the book by Daniel Glattauer, with millions of copies sold all over the world, the show describes the birth of an intense and virtual bond. Can a relationship of this kind survive to a real meeting?

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New Magic People Show

14/12/18 – 16/12/18. In 2007, with Magic People Show, Giuseppe Montesano told the global consumer, the average human being, the slave of the advertising, and then, national economy healers, air to breathe sellers, souls sellers and buyers. Ten years later a new version of the show, which mixes opera buffs and drama, made up of ridiculous monsters drugged by the dream of money, of deluded prisoners of being free and people who have buried passion and love. A new tragicomic chapter of the sick Italy.

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Here some Tours you can’t miss in December

Napoli Misterica

03/11/18 – 30/12/18. A walk in the streets of Naples, that revisits the alchemical and religious forms of Neapolitan popular culture, often, pending between history and legend.

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Ghost - Dobedoo

Ghost Tour. Ghosts in Naples

09/11/18 – 30/12/18. Do you believe in paranormal activities? With this tour, the De Rebus Neapolis, which represents the Paranormal Research and Analysis Center in Naples, will explore the results of a surprising survey in the alleys of the ancient center of Naples. This tour will provide some precious knowledge to all those who want to approach to the paranormal. The purpose is to make contact with the occult.

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Angeli e demoni. A tour in the most mysterious churches in Naples

16/11/18 – 28/12/18. The history, the anecdotes, the curiosities about the three churches of mystery: Church of Gesù Nuovo, Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore and the Basilica of Santa Chiara. Ghosts, angels and other entities, a walk that will tell the miracles, the mysteries and the paranormal. Every corner and every facade of these churches carries a hidden history.

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Here some Concerts you can’t miss in December

Christmas - Dobedoo

Christmas concert with the 3 tenors

08/12/18 – 29/12/18. In the wonderful Filangieri museum, a work inspired by the concert “La traviata”, from Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Placido Domingo. Between the great Italian opera and the Neapolitan tradition, and speaking of Neapolitan tradition, “O’ Sole mio” and “Torna a Surriento”, are just a couple of the songs in which the tenors protagonists of this evening will challenge themselves.   

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Christmas concert

22/12/18. Orchestra of the San Carlo Theatre, with the participation of the Sanitansamble Orchestra.

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The Nutcracker

29/12/18 – 05/01/19. The famous ballet adapted from E. T. A. Hoffmann’s story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

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