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Here some Exhibitions you can’t miss in January

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Ritorno. Il culto delle anime pezzentelle

01/12/18 – 17/01/19. For the first time, in the museum of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio, will be exposed more than 100 souls of Purgatory, realized in terracotta. The pieces were part of a large Roman collection that risked being lost. The collection was taken over by Diego Pistone, a Neapolitan restorer who bought it thinking to bring it back to Naples.

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Expanded Interiors

14/07/18 – 15/01/19. Expanded Interiors explores ancient Roman wall paintings and Roman artefacts through fine-art practice at the two UNESCO World Heritage sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The project will develop site-specific fine art installations within two distinct architectural contexts: the House of the Cryptoporticus, in Pompeii, and the House of the Beautiful Courtyard, in Herculaneum. Expanded Interiors is planned by Newcastle University and brings together an experienced team from contemporary art, archaeology and digital technology.

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Inside the Colours 3.0

30/11/18 – 09/01/19. A research about colour and all its multiple expressive possibilities. The exhibition explores the potential of the colours through different artists’ points of view, such as Minervini, Miscione and Izzo.

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Jean Loup Champion exhibition

18/10/18 – 11/01/19. The Mapils Gallery presents Bianchi i giorni che sovrastano le notti, from Jean Loup Champion. Jean-Loup offers an unpublished production realized in the last few years. The trauma caused by three consecutive liver transplants, made him discover, and then express, another body and another world, white and three – dimensional. In 2017, Jean-Loup Champion worked on a new series of works entitled Monumenti. These works refer to the Baroque funerary monuments of Naples and the Cy Twombly white sculptures. Made in wood and various materials, they are always painted in white.

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Gradations – Contemporary art exhibition

07/01/19 – 21/01/19. Shapes, lines, colors, are the fundamental cornerstones to visually illustrate how an artwork wants to express its exteriority. Drawing, painting, sculpture: a comparison between ancient and modern. A continuous interweaving of creativity and art, a study of GRADES, from white to black.

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Pompei - dobedoo

Fantasmi a Pompei (ghosts in Pompeii)

31/10/18 – 08/01/19. In the ancient and deserted city of Pompeii, mysterious figures are among us: the ghosts. The photographers Dario Assisi and Riccardo Maria Cipolla, tell the mysterious city of Pompeii, with forty-one shots, displayed at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The shots are focused on the men and the women who populated the creativity of the artists of the past. Then, the pictorial representations are cut out and made evanescent, as if they were superimposed and suspended in the magical scenery of Pompeii.

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Francesco Patriarca, Tropical House

30/11/18 – 08/01/19. In this exhibition Francesco Patriarca, puts together several series of works, ranging from drawing, photography and painting, and all the works depict the tropical world. The works are halfway between abstract and figurative art. The artist wants to tell a distant, dreamed and imaginary place where man can live in harmony with nature, and at the same time, he focuses on environmental aspects related to the consequences of climate change in which the tropical world is particularly subject.

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Luci a teatro (Lights at the theatre)

08/12/18 – 08/01/19. Various artists will realize an amazing light installation combining visual arts with the tradition of Christmas lights. The first 2018 edition, is inaugurated by a project conceived by BOCA design, a research studio focused on eco-design that creates sculptures and objects characterized by a luminous language, with intense use of areas of light and darkness effects, to define volumes enhancing their plasticity and lightness.

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Short & Loud

11/01/19 – 27/01/19. Contemporary art exhibition from Montreal. It is an art that deals with the human condition, through intimate, relational and social-political objectives. The sections will be 3: visual art (painting, drawing, photography) video art and movies.

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Via di fuga, Vittorio Petito

15/12/18 – 06/01/19. About thirty paintings, mostly watercolors, dedicated to Naples and to the Pulcinella mask. In recent years, Vittorio Petito has undertaken a deep investigation on the Pulcinella mask. A complex and fascinating study, based on a double search: the mask as a place to hide one’s identity, and a refuge to experiment counterfeits of individuality; and how the mask appears on the stages. Vittorio Petito filters, through brushes and colors, emotions, images, sounds, stories and legends of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. He masterfully translates his feelings into pictorial art, in which his great theatrical and musical culture, also merge.

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London - Dobedoo

London Shadow. La rivoluzione inglese da Gilbert & George a Damien Hirst

19/10/18 – 20/01/19. The London Shadow exhibition recounts, through twenty-three works, the spirit of artistic renewal that began in Great Britain  (YBA, Young British Artists) in the late eighties and early nineties. At the end of the decade, these young artists finally glimpsed the possibility of breaking with the “old” generation imposing signs, messages and new expressive codes. Leader of the movement is Damien Hirst.

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Il Futurismo (Futurism)

19/10/18 – 17/02/19. Works by Boccioni, Balla, Carrà, Severini. Sixty-four masterpieces take us to the first and most important vanguard European Futurism of the early 1900s.

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Klimt Experience

20/10/18 – 03/02/19. Klimt Experience is an immersive and multimedia journey dedicated to the life and works of the painter Gustav Klimt. The main purpose is to thrill and fascinate the spectators, inviting them to deepen the knowledge of the man and artist and the understanding of his works. A multimedia jump in Klimt’s art and history. The exhibition includes the biography told by the monitors of the visual room, a magical kaleidoscope with signs and images projected on walls and ceilings in the hall of mirrors; virtual reality with the Oculus VR. A different way to approach art, a dreamlike journey.

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Antonio Gibotta – Respect

22/12/18 – 20/01/19. Respect is the first exhibition by Antonio Gibotta, a multi-award-winning Neapolitan photographer. His works are focused on man and the relevance of social issues. In 2010, he wins the Golden Camera Award from the Federation European Professional Photographer. In 2013, at the FIOF (Italy International Photography Award) he is elected photographer of the year, and wins the Bronze Award at the China International Photographic Art Exhibition. National Geographic inserts one of his photos in the book “Stunning Photographs”. In 2018, he ranks second to the Sony Professional Competition, in the discovery category.

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I De Filippo. Il mestiere in scena

8/11/18 – 24/04/19. Thanks to unpublished material, letters, photos, videos, costumes, posters, manuscripts and typescripts, this exhibition shows up like a some kind of dialogue between the De Filippo family and the public. People will meet Eduardo through the movies, through the poems, through the songs, will live his strength, his rigor, the importance that the theatre and the audience had for him and that took him not to stop even when life was terribly tough with him.

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01/11/18 – 22/04/19. Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli will house the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. He is best known for the engravings of images based on symmetries that explore the infinite, mathematical paradoxes and (apparently) impossible perspectives. There will also be a large section dedicated to the influence that his work have had on subsequent generations: discs, comics, advertising, movies. A big journey through 200 works, from Escher to the present day.

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China - dobedoo

The ancient treasures of China

14/12/18 – 11/12/19. Mortals Immortals. The treasures of Sichuan from the ancient China. The exhibition is dedicated to the ancient Chinese people, the mysteries and the beauty, with 130 testimonies from the Shu culture. It is possible to know the evocative and enigmatic features of the Shu tradition, with its sophisticated bronze masks and the cult of the sun.

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The Etruscans at the Pompeii archaeological park 

12/12/18 – 02/05/19. Thirteen sections for about 800 artefacts, from Italian and European museums, will tell of the first Etruscan influences in Campania. Findings in bronze, silver, ceramics, tombs, sanctuaries, allow to analyse and compare more elements, to face the controversial dynamics of the Etruscan presence in Campania.

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SplendOri, the luxury of the Hercolano ornaments

20/12/18 – 20/09/19. The first major Ercolano Archaeological Park exhibition. Precious jewels and ornaments, domestic furnishings, artifacts for personal and daily use, a collection that includes more than 200 pieces.

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Here some Theatrical Shows you can’t miss in January

Viva - dobedoo

Viva Momix Forever

26/12/18 – 06/01/19. The Momix theater company is coming at the Bellini Theatre for Momix Forever, a event to celebrate the company 35th anniversary. The scenes, the choreographies, the dance-like, all the most intense and exciting moments of the Momix masterpieces.

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08/01/19 – 20/01/19. By Toni Servillo. The original work of Brigitte Jaques, Elvire Jouvet 40, is the transcription of the seven lessons on the “Don Giovanni”, held by the great French actor Louis Jouvet, at the Paris Conservatoire under the Nazi occupation. Teacher and pupils work passionately on “Don Giovanni di Molière”. They seek the “truth” of the interpretation, and take us to discover the world of acting, until the actor understands that he has reached the heart of his character, that he can understand it. A “sold out” and international success since its debut in October 2016 in Milan.

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Creditori (Creditors)

11/01/19 – 27/01/19. From August Strindberg. Gustav becomes part of the life of Adolf and Tekla, pretending to be happy of their happiness. But the truth is that he is seeking for revenge. Love, betrayal and revenge. Apparently the story of Creditors is a typical bourgeois drama, but the show brings to light the true nature of the man-woman relationship.

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Il cielo in una stanza (The sky inside the room)

26/12/18 – 06/01/19. This play tells the story of a room. A room of a Neapolitan building built during the real estate boom of the ’50s, in which, because of the collapse of the ceiling, the sky really entered. In this no walls room, we meet characters reflecting on their past, trying to find a way to leave it behind and start to dream of their future, assuming if this dream is still possible. The paradoxical positions of their political, ethical, and spiritual ideals, resemble our disoriented present.

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La Bohème

16/01/19 – 22/01/19. The famous 4 parts opera at the San Carlo theatre.

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Here some Events you can’t miss in January

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Lidia Togni Circus

21/12/18 – 10/02/19. Shows to entertain adults and children. International artists, exotic animals, acrobats, a train loaded with over 50 specimens of dogs, trainers struggling with lions, clown and more.

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De Rebus Neapolis. San Gennaro, la Cabala e le Anime del Purgatorio

29/12/18 – 26/01/19. The De Rebus Neapolis organizes a suggestive itinerary to discover one of the most controversial and mysterious aspects of Neapolitan religiousness: from the miraculous liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro in the Cathedral of Naples, to the church of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio in Arco.

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Moira Orfei circus

20/12/18 – 27/01/19. The only one, the inimitable Moira Orfei circus in Naples.

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