The treasure of San Gennaro

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DOBEDOO – The treasure of San Gennaro museum is located next to the Duomo and the Cappella del Tesoro and exhibits art collections, including jewelery, statues, precious fabrics and paintings of great value.

San Gennaro is a Christian martyr persecuted during the Diocletian empire. It is the main patron of the city of Naples, in whose cathedral are kept its bones and the two ancient ampoules containing the famous blood of the miracle that was collected by a pious woman named Eusebia, immediately after martyrdom. These ampoules have become an iconographic attribute typical of the Saint and are exposed to the public three times a year on the dates of the “miracle of San Gennaro“.

Among the main exhibits there are the legendary “Mitra Gemmata”, adorned with 3694 precious stones, made by the goldsmith Matteo Treglia, the necklace and the mantle of San Gennaro, covered with sapphires, rubies and gold, and the glass of gold composed of emeralds and diamonds. According to the traditional symbolism, each of these precious stones carries with it a meaning: the emerald represents the union of the sacredness of San Gennaro with the emblem of the eternity of power, the rubies, the blood of the martyrs and the diamonds the unassailable of the Faith.

There are numerous objects of inestimable value here, among which we remember, to complete the treasure, the famous silvers that represent an important part of the immense assets accumulated over the years. The treasure of San Gennaro, considered one of the richest in the world, was formed thanks to the numerous donations that took place over the centuries.

The museum itinerary also includes a visit to the three sacristies of the Cappella del Tesoro, which contain valuable paintings by artists such as, among others, Luca Giordano, Massimo Stanzione and Aniello Falcone.

Via Duomo, 149, 80138 Naples
Everyday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Holidays 9.00 am – 6.30 pm

Price € 6

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